Steve Breshears

Steve teaches acoustic and electric guitar as well as ukulele and electric bass.  He teaches all levels and styles specializing in Jazz, Blues, Finger-style, Classical, Country & Rock.  Steve has been performing and teaching for over twenty years. (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Jeff Cassinelli

Jeff teaches beginning and intermediate acoustic and electric guitar, beginning mandolin and electric bass.  He works great with kids but teaches all ages.  Jeff has been playing guitar for almost 40 years and has performed at church services, weddings, private parties, recording studios and night clubs. (Friday & Saturday)

Roberto Corrias

Roberto holds a Bachelor’s degree in guitar from the Italian Conservatory of Music and from the state of CA. He has 40 years of  teaching and performing around the globe  with world renowned artists. He teaches Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, African, Salsa, Latin-Jazz, Blues, Rock and other styles in nylon & steel string.  All ages, any level. (Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

Daniel Hendrix

Daniel has been teaching introductory and intermediate guitar for nearly a decade.  He teaches method, TAB, chording, scales, strumming technique, rhythm, sight reading and songs from a variety of artists with an emphasis on performance.  Daniel has played with several bands in Los Angeles and Sacramento since the early 90’s. (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Eddie Honeyeater

Bachelor of Music, CSU Fullerton.  Eddie teaches acoustic & electric guitar, bass, banjo, slide guitar, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, and music theory.  He earned 2012 “Best of the Best” award from the Folsom/EDH Telegraph. Eddie teaches any age, all styles & levels. Link to Youtube Channel (Tuesday - Saturday)

Liam Irish

Liam teaches a wide range of instruments including trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, guitar, banjo, bodhran, tin whistle, piano, viola and cello.  He has a diverse background in all styles of music. (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Sarah Karliner

Sarah teaches flute, piccolo, piano, recorder and tin whistle.  She specializes in music theory, notation, rhythm and audition preparation.  Sarah has been teaching for over ten years.  In addition to coaching students through their audition process, she has received many awards and honors in Northern California. (Friday)

Francine Maglionico

Francine teaches flute and piano (all ages and levels).  She specializes in technique, tone, rhythm and classical training.  She has a multiple subject teaching credential which serves to integrate school subjects into music instruction.  Francine has been teaching for over 10 years and playing for 30. (Saturday)

Jay Mumford

Jay teaches beginning and intermediate violin and solo classical guitar.  He is classically trained and works well with all ages of students.  Jay has been teaching for over 10 years. (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Nick Swimley

Nick teaches acoustic, electric and bass guitar.  He specializes in rock, blues, country, bluegrass and slide.  Nick teaches all ages and has over eight years of teaching and performing experience. (Tuesday thru Friday)

Jeff Alkire

Jeff has toured the world performing as a saxophonist with the likes of Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, Terry Gibbs, Joe Farrell, & Charlie Haden.  He studied at Berklee College of Music and California Institute of the Arts where he earned B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Jazz Performance. Jeff teaches all types of saxophones & clarinet.  All ages, any level. (Wednesday & Saturday)

Jim Spedden

Jim has 25 years of experience in teaching guitar and bass.  His styles include blues, rock, jazz, classical, bluegrass, country & more.  He also teaches pick, fingerstyle and hybrid techniques. (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Daniel Roest

Daniel teaches classical and acoustic guitar (all ages and levels). Daniel holds a Masters in Music, Guitar. An active performer, he produces high-level concerts at the Harris Center for the Sacramento Guitar Society. Daniel’s gentle encouragement and ability to remove physical challenges help students play with tone and expression. (Tuesday)


636 E. Bidwell St.

Folsom, CA 95630

(916) 983-0763

The Nicholson Music Co. is proud to offer a variety of lessons from highly experienced instructors.  Rates begin at $100 per month which consists of (4) 30-minute private sessions.  Please contact us at (916) 983-0763 for instructor contact information.  Prices subject to change without notice.